Hear are some Frequently Asked Questions.

What does the school look like inside?

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Tutor Time Learning Center, Plymouth MI

What does my child need to bring in on her first day?

For infants, a crib sheet, a few changes of clothes, and any bottles/food you would like your child to eat. You may also bring in bibs, but we provide many for you! No need for diapers or wipes...we provide them for you!

For the rest of the children, a crib sheet, blanket, and a couple changes of clothes. If you need diapers, training pants, or wipes, do not bring them. We provide them for you!

Do you provide formula for the infants?

No. You may bring in as many bottles needed with formula or breast milk. We cannot mix powder formula for you. We provide a refrigerator to keep all food items cold.

Do you provide snacks or lunch?

Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch, and a PM snack each day. If your child cannot eat a particular food due to allergies or dietary restrictions, we can provide substitution.

What kind of toys are in the infant classroom?

We have swings, bouncers, toy mats, balls, and other age appropriate toys for your little ones to enjoy during the day!

What kind of experience do your teachers have?

All of our teachers have a lot of experience in early childhood education. All of the lead teachers are college educated and are Highly Qualified. The teachers are certified in both CPR and First Aid.

When is tuition due?

Weekly tuition payments are due every Tuesday by 12:00pm. Monthly tuition payments are due the first of every month. If payments are late, you will be charged a late fee of $25.

Are there any other charges besides the tuition payments?

Yes, there is a bi-yearly curriculum fee of $60 charged for all Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten children. This covers the cost of all curriculum supplies needed for the LifeSmart curriculum.

There is also a one time activity fee charged to children enrolled in Cub Camp and Summer Camp. This covers the cost of field trips.

How much is your registration fee?

A yearly fee of $50 is charged to all families.