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15 Ideas for a Fun Family Picnic

Planning a family picnic is the perfect activity for fun summer learning. With all the outside games and food, it’s easy to see why your kids will never know you have a secret curriculum up your...
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Celebrating Dad this Father’s Day

 Let’s face it – dads don’t get enough praise. More and more of us know the importance that dads have in their children’s development. They change diapers, read bedtime stories, and know...
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Father’s Day Coupons

Give Dad just what he wants for Father’s Day this year with these fun printable coupons! Cut ‘em out and make a booklet or place them in a greeting card. Show him that he’s the best dad...
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How to Prep for Summer Break with the Kiddos

Summer is a great time to slow down, enjoy the weather, and have some relaxed family time with the kids. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to create fun learning experiences outside together, but...
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The Meaning of Mother’s Day – Beyond Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is lovely, but what does it actually mean to be a mother? It’s much more than taking care of the kids — it’s also how we see and feel about ourselves. My oldest child...
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